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Manufacturing Capabilities & Supply Chain Management

Our extensive list of on site manufacturing capabilities are seemlessly integrated into our supply chain management abilities. Put your challenges in our hands and we will take care of the rest.

What we offer:
  • An ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management system

  • An immaculate production environment

  • Broad background in the Aerospace, Defense and Medical Device fields

  • Experience managing jobs from highly complicated single assemblies to thousands of parts per month

  • A quality orientated workforce with decades of combined experience

  • Following of LEAN Manufacturing principles and techniques which reduces costs and increases overall efficiency

  • Sophisticated Quality Assurance Lab with state-of-the-art inspection equipment

  • A clean room environment for assembly and packaging of key components

Precision Turning
Precision Milling

o  Several versatile turning centers allows our Process Developers to choose the right machine for your part depending on quantity and desired precision.

o  Produces predominantly round parts in an efficient manner

o  Allows for milling of simple features to reduce secondary operations

o  Tolerances down to +/-.0003"

o  Several high tech milling centers allows machining in up to 5 axis simultaneously, reducing secondary operations

o  Produces predominantly polygonal parts in an efficient manner

o  Tolerances down to +/-.0005

o  Parts produced to diameters of .010" or lengths of .040"

o  Tolerances down to +/-.0001

Wire EDM
Heat Treating

o  Allows the cutting of extremely hard metal alloys with high precision

o  Can produce extremely thin/deep through cuts normally not attainable with conventional machining.

o  Tolerances down to +/-.0001

o  Diametrical tolerances down to +/-.00005

o  Length tolerances down to +/-.0001

o  Increases hardness of select alloys to required specifications

o  In-house furnace allows controlled processing of small to medium sized parts

Precision Assembly

o  From two components to hundreds

o  Assembly of components to desired level of functionality beyond tolerance requirements

o  Stainless/Ferrous alloys

TIG Welding
Precision Finishing

o  Precision hand deburring/buffing

- Although slower than automatic processes, provides highest degree of quality & control in part finish.

o  Vibratory/Tumbling

-Deburrs features

-Provides Consistent finish

-Variety of media dependent on material and 

desired finish

o  Precision Blasting

-Allows for a wide array of finishes

-Deburrs features

-Variety of media dependent on desired finish

+Micro Glass Bead

+Aluminum Oxide

+Cryogenic deburring: plastic media

o  Ultrasonic cleaning

o  Passivation

-Forces the creation of passive layer on 

stainless alloys to prevent oxidation

-Certified to required Medical or Aerospace 


-Process validation using High Humidity testing, 

Salt spray testing or Copper Sulfate testing 

depending on required standard.

o  Electropolish

-Capable of mirror finishes on stainless metals

-Can remove manufacturing surface marks

-Removes Oxides from surface

o  Plating


-Chem Film


-Copper Plating

-Performed to desired Medical or Aerospace 


Supply Chain Management

o  A very broad base of long term suppliers have been qualified per stringent ISO standards to take care of any needs outside our in-house capabilities

o  We specialize in finding solutions to difficult problems:

- Injection molding

- Extruding

- Water Jet cutting

- Sinker EDM

- Gear hobbing

- Stamping

- Laser cutting

- Laser Marking

- Specialized materials testing

- Other chemical processing

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